Branding Projects

Branding Projects

Branding Projects


Art Direction
Print Design

As many other designers working in Product Design, I also do Branding, Art Direction, Motion Design and Print Design. I always try to find the perfect balance in my UI work and bring some of my past Visual Design expertise to the table. You can see below various projects I worked on in the past years.

Student Hub

Hungryhouse is one of the top online food delivery players in the United Kingdom since 2006. Their tone of voice has always been young and friendly, but for the launch of their new Student Hub, new colours and a new imagery universe had to be developed. Following the trends of the moment, it was very clear for us that we would go for a very 90’s aesthetic in terms of illustrations and animations, while colours should be very vibrant; in a similar direction than Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram and other brands for the cool and young...


La Gaillarde,
When eco meets fashion.

Rebranding of the eco-fashion boutique La Gaillarde, in St-Henri, Montreal. The idea behind the new branding was to bring a sense of high end couture to the world of eco-fashion. The lines below the font in the logo represent the mesh of the fabric, without being too literal. The sale of a new reusable bag was also suggested. This was a proposal made to La Gaillarde in 2010.


Prima Typeface,
Oh, Prima!

Oh! Prima. Why so whimsical? Prima is halfway between formal and informal, rounded and squared, bold and light. German, French and English friendly, this typeface contains special characters as well as accents and umlauts. So whenever you need to write the word "Straße", Prima can still be your friend. 2012.


Ruse Boutique

Logotype, business card and gift certificate designed for Ruse Boutique, a second-hand clothing, accessories and unusual objects store in Montreal, Canada. The logotype had to be a good balance of modernism, vintage and luxury. That is exactly why the use of a charcoal gray and a warm gold for the colour code made absolute sense. Made in Spring 2015.


Solus virtus

Collection of illustrated poems about solitude. Because, it's not because you feel alone that you are lonely. Fifty-two pages to be precise. This booklet was available along my portfolio during my final exhibition.


Moving identity made for an organisation of the three Science Museums in Ottawa, Canada, the Aviation Museum, the Science Museum and the Food & Agriculture Museum. These 3 museums often target a younger audience ranging from 6 to 19 years old. Therefore, the identity had to be easy to understand and playful for the younger crowd. Made for Bleublancrouge in 2011.