Art Direction

Rebranding of the most popular food ordering platform in Finland, followed by a total new user interface of the platform. Many elements had to be completely revisited in order to bring the Finnish online food ordering platform to a whole new level. The logo was modernised and simplified, the colours updated and made punchier and the whole typeface changed to give users a sense of quality.

Animation – rebranding 2

Modern & Playful

In order to make people get closer to the brand and identify with it more, we wanted to make it more playful and more humane. That’s when the search for a new green and orange as well as a new typeface started. We strongly believe that the punchier colours chosen will make people interact with the brand more and notice it a lot more as well on the web, out of home or even on our own platform. When it comes to the typeface, Sofia Pro is the one that stayed after many user testings. It seems that most people could really identify themselves to this typeface.


En route to the perfect
customer journey.

En route to the perfect
customer journey.

Many UI elements had to be completely redone or rethought to make the user journey a pleasant one, while making it easy for them to keep doing what they were used to do already on the platform: order food. Most elements have not only been simplified to a maximum, but have been designed to make the whole ordering process way faster…

If you compare the new product design to the previous one, it’s pretty much day and night. A new iconagraphy system is now in place to make it easier for users to filter the food they are looking for. The user dashboard has been reorganised completely and the whole experience is not more flawless than ever thanks to a side cart that is always present during the order process. The use of colours has been kept to a minimum to assure a clean aesthetic.

A ( real ) mobile first approach

During the whole design process, all breakpoints were our priority. But we took a very precise look at the look and feel on mobile. We wanted to achieve an order process that feels as fast and easy as it is on Desktop when the user usually has much more information at once. 

Oh, and when I say “we”, I mean that without the help of Eldad Arnon, Senior International Product Manager at Delivery Hero, and Tomi Voutilainen, Product Manager at, this whole project wouldn’t have been possible.