Illustration, Web Design

Social campaign aimed at University students for the British brand hungryhouse. 

hungryhouse talks student

Hungryhouse is one of the top online food delivery players in the United Kingdom since 2006. Their tone of voice has always been very young and friendly, but for the launch of their new Student Hub, new colours and a new imagery universe had to be developed. 

To make sure we understand the student world, my coworker see Dorothée Dinne and I started by identifiying what the 18-24 like the most, what they want to see and how they interact with each other. After this research, it was very clear for us that we would go for a very 90’s aesthetic in terms of illustrations and animations, while colours should be very vibrant; in a similar direction than Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram and other brands for the cool and young…

What will the platform feature? 

Design matters. But content too. In order to align the design of the new Student Hub with the content it would feature, we had to first understand what would actually go there. The Student Hub is a place where it is possible for a student to read posts ranging from cooking tips to the latest affordable restaurants in their city. But foremost, it serves mostly as an entertainment platform that evolves around food and the student lifestyle. Aligning the design of the platform with the content then became mostly oriented around simplicity of usage, while still being very blunt. The colours, the typeface, the animations were then all brought together to this very idea. 

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