Allbeing offers personalised programs for the health-conscious. The visual language and experience concept was an introduction for investors to invest in Allbeing.  The product had to not only look appealing to the health-conscious millenials, but also had to demonstrate its strong pharmaceutical research background. The end result is one that offers a modern take on science and well-being.

Octobenzo-what, now?

Natural products are often perceived as being a safer and healthier alternative to lab-synthesised counterparts. Though, it’s still not easy for most people to find what they are looking for and to understand the content of the products they will ingest. And once they do, it's often difficult to stick to a clear regimen that works for them. That’s exactly why Allbeing tries to fully understand their users needs by asking clear and very detailed questions.

The Allbeing questionnaire has been built to be fully interactive and provide information on both parties.  Sleek animations, various information boxes to help users understand the questions better and a clean and well hierarchised layout are all elements we opted for to help users get through the questionnaire in the fastest and most effective way possible.


Part I

Getting to know you


Part II

Assessing your health goals


Part III

Understanding your lifestyle


Sanchit Khan

Data Engineer

"I often stop myself from buying vitamins and supplements, cause I don't really know what I'm ingesting..."

The user’s program that follows the questionnaire has to be easy to understand for users. That’s why each product suggestion is explained a really easy and human-friendly fashion. Cause no one wants to ingest anything they can't understand. 

Your one well-being

Allbeing is definitely not only a Desktop experience. As a matter of fact, it might even be more useful as an App.

The Allbeing Assistant is an extension of the user’s regimen and allows them to track their medication intake, change their program and renew their supplements in one go. The Assistant also asks users to update their situation and make sure they see progress with their health. When they don't, new recommendations are proposed.


Platform concept and copy: Rishi Raj Kar and Richa Kar
Art Direction & Design: Michael Feeney

Following the investor round, the project came to life under a new visual language. Though, the design of the logotype is still the one I created. 
Visit Allbeing's website.


Michael Feeney

Principal Product Design and Digital Art Director based in Berlin.


Michael Feeney

Principal Product Design and Digital Art Director based in Berlin.

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