Finland's Restaurant Stories

Finland’s Restaurants Stories is a feed of stories celebrating diversity through food. We featured restaurateurs from the region of Helsinki over the course of 5 weeks, to celebrate their journey and share the touching, honest and interesting stories of their respective owners. This campaign will make you travel to various parts of the world.



A glimpse in the life of 
Finland's top restaurateurs

We always wanted this project to feel as authentic as possible. For this reason, our small team travelled to Helsinki to meet directly with all these great restaurant owners, discuss about their life story, their origins, their dreams. And it was important for our team to stay as true as possible to who all of these great people are. So, we opted for a very simple visual language that highlights the more editorial approach of the campaign.

We also opted for a candid photography style, that offers a glimpse behind the scenes. Ultimately, we wanted it to feel intimate and real. 'Cause it was absolutely real; Real people, with real stories, opening up about their life, dreams and personal journeys. The end result is a mix of all of that. Let us now walk you through a small fragment of a day in the life of a restaurateur.

Digital stories,
to consume on the go

Back in 2017 when we ran this campaign, stories were already very popular and consumed on the go, via Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. For this reason, we made sure Finland's Restaurants Stories website was fully optimised for mobile, and showcased all of them in many different Instagram Stories presented by Pizza-Online.

We also made sure all stories would be presented in Finnish as well as in English. Since many of the featured restaurateurs were not born in Finland and, some felt more comfortable speaking English than Suomi, we thought it was the least we could do to present their stories in English as well.


Art Direction & Design: Michael Feeney
Photography: Ernest Protasiewicz
Project management: Suvi Lensu


Michael Feeney

Principal Product Design and Digital Art Director based in Berlin.


Michael Feeney

Principal Product Design and Digital Art Director based in Berlin.

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